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Hockey Hearts School & Dormitory was built in 2014. Jody & Mike Davidson traveled to Arusha, Tanzania, along with their children Bodie & Kennedy, to build a small school to help educate impoverished children. We have 20 students attend our school and our dormitory holds 13 children. Some of our boarding students have no living family and others come from families with such limited means, that boarding with us is the best option for that student. We provide a top quality education for our students. We focus on speaking English, reading & writing in English and mathematics. Their curriculum and work books are made by Jody and based on Canadian Educational Curriculum. Our students are given two healthy meals per day and of course our full boards get three meals per day. 


Our school is free to all of our students, which is not the case for private or government schools in Arusha. Sending your child to school in Arusha is usually not an option for most families. Even the government school fees are higher than the average family can afford. So the majority of children go uneducated because of this. We are always looking for sponsors for our students. If a family steps up to sponsor a student we then enrol that student at Haradali Pre & Primary School. It is a top notch private school in Arusha. When our students attend Haradali School they will receive a full curriculum and will be taught English & French. This now leaves an open desk at Hockey Hearts School, that we can now offer a free education to a new deserving student. 

Mike, Kennedy, Jody & Bodie
Our Future Pilots, Nurses & Teachers

To sponsor one of our students it costs approximately $900.00CAN for the full year. This includes tuition, uniforms, stationery & bus fees. It is an approximate amount because we have to transfer funds in US$, which fluctuates the rate we pay.

Each consecutive year is approximately $800.00CAN as the students don't require new uniforms each year & there is no registration fee after the first year. These sponsored fees are transferred directly to the Haradali School account in Arusha. 100% of student sponsored money goes directly to the students education.

Looking to Sponsor
Hockey Hearts Foundation is now
CRA approved as a Charitble Organization.
We can now provide receipts for all donations & sponsorship.


All of these amazing kids are looking for sponsor families!

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